Bitcoin Analysis – 07.Dec.2023

Bitcoin Analysis – 07.Dec.2023

Bitcoin Analysis: With the new analysis of the Bitcoin chart in the weekly time frame, we see that the price, based on the analysis we had, finally managed to hit the target of $44,000 and even managed to record the price of $45,000! Based on my view on the chart, I have determined the important levels of supply, demand, possible targets, etc. that we will address! Currently, the price has reached the supply range of $44,290 to $48,300, as you can see, the initial reaction to this range was corrective! The first support in front of the price range is $35,630 to $38,430. If the price corrects to this range, we will expect an increase in demand! The next possible upward targets are $48,560 and $53,210, respectively, if the desired support is maintained, note that the price level of $53,210 is an important supply level that you can consider for the SELL position! The next mid-term targets are $57,700 and $62,300 respectively! If we want to look a bit more optimistic and long-term, the target of $77,000 will not be far from expectations! Note that this analysis was done in the weekly time frame!
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Author : Arman Shaban

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