Month: November 2023

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Gold Analysis – 30.Nov.2023

Gold Analysis: As you can see, the price of gold is still trading above the range of $2035, and with the news that is in front of the market today, we are likely to see a strong movement and determine the next trend! If today’s Unemployment Claims statistics are lower than the expected rate and…
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XAUUSD GOLD EURUSD GBPUSD Forex Gold Master Arman Shaban

Gold Analysis – 29.Nov.2023

Gold Analysis : By checking the price of gold in the 12-hour time frame, we saw that the price finally hit the target that we have been talking about for several weeks! Last night, gold managed to grow up to $2052 with a stunning growth and from the range of $1931, which was an important demand zone,…
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Gold Analysis – 28.Nov.2023

Gold Analysis : By examining gold in the 12-hour time frame, we see that the price is trading in the range of $2015 and we saw that the price managed to close above $2010 last night! Considering the price movement, I expect that soon we will see the price rise to higher targets such as…
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What is Flash Manufacturing PMI ?

The Flash Manufacturing PMI is a preliminary estimate of the Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) for the U.S. manufacturing sector, based on a survey of purchasing managers from around 800 manufacturers. The Flash Manufacturing PMI can affect the forex market by influencing the demand and supply of the U.S. dollar, which is the world’s reserve currency…
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Daily Gold Analysis (XAUUSD) – EP03

In this video, I will show you how the GOLD (XAUUSD) price has moved according to my previous forecast and what are the possible scenarios for the future ! if you liked this videos please like it and share it with your friends and Don’t Forget to Subscribe us for more videos and contents !…
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Gold Analysis : The Price Reached $1988 as we expected ! What’s NEXT ? (19.Nov.2023)

Gold Analysis : Well, well, well, let’s go for the fascinating analysis of gold! As you can see, according to my expectation, on Friday, the price managed to hit the targets of $1982 and $1988, and the total yield of this analysis reached more than 600 pips! With the beginning of the week, there is…
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GBPUSD : First Long , Then SHORT ? (19.Nov.2023)

With the analysis of the GBPUSD chart, We will probably soon see that the price will reach the range of 1.24800 to 1.25070! After this growth, we have to wait for a negative reaction to this range so that we can find a suitable trigger for the SELL position! In addition, a new FVG has…
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EURUSD : More Bullish ? (19.Nov.2023)

By examining the EURUSD chart, we can see that the price has created a liquidity void (LV) with its growth, which I believe will be filled soon, But before that, I give the possibility that manipulation will happen in the market and then the price will start to correct, which means that considering that the…
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USDJPY : A BIG Fall Ahead ? Let’s See ! (19.Nov.2023) – (Japanese Yen)

USDJPY TA : As you can see, based on the last analysis that I published of Japanese Yen , the price moved towards its own bearish order block to fill the liquidity void , and upon entering this range of supply, it faced heavy selling pressure and something around 200 pips in It fell in…
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What is PPI and its effect on the Market ?

The PPI, or the Producer Price Index, is a measure of the change in the price of goods and services sold by producers. It is an important indicator of inflation, as higher PPI means higher costs for producers, which may be passed on to consumers. The PPI can affect the forex market and the gold…
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