Gold Analysis : The Price Reached $1988 as we expected ! What’s NEXT ? (19.Nov.2023)

Gold Analysis : The Price Reached $1988 as we expected ! What’s NEXT ? (19.Nov.2023)

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Gold Analysis : Well, well, well, let’s go for the fascinating analysis of gold! As you can see, according to my expectation, on Friday, the price managed to hit the targets of $1982 and $1988, and the total yield of this analysis reached more than 600 pips! With the beginning of the week, there is a possibility of an initial price drop, and the first targets will be $1976 and $1969!

For a bigger and main picture, we have to see if the price succeeds in breaking the resistance of $2009 in the coming week and stabilizes above it or not! In case of break and stabilization, the targets of $2020 and $2040 will not be far away! So pay attention to the conditions I said and the general conclusion of this analysis will be the initial correction and after that the possibility for growth to higher targets! I hope this analysis is useful for you and be sure to share it with your friends and support us so that I have the motivation to share more analyzes with you!
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Author : Arman Shaban

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