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Daily Gold Analysis (XAUUSD) – EP01

Gold Analysis : In this video I’m going to talk about the possible trend of GOLD (XAUUSD) ! if you liked this videos please like it and share it with your friends and Don’t Forget to Subscribe us for more videos and contents . Author : Arman Shaban – Related Ideas :– XAU/USD (GOLD) : 02.Nov.2023 To see more analyzes…
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GBP/USD : First LONG, Then SHORT ! (02.Nov.2023)

By checking the GBP/USD chart, we can see that the price was able to move to higher targets again by keeping the support of the range of 1.20730 to 1.20960! The price is trying to fill the liquidity void of 1.22650 to 1.21750! Until now, the price has been able to fill 50% of this…
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GOLD (XAU/USD) : Another Bullrun ? Ready for LONG? (02.Nov.2023)

By checking the gold chart in the 12-hour time frame, we can see that yesterday, with the announcement of various news and the US interest rate remaining stable, price attacked below the very important range of $1971 to collect liquidity, and corrected up to $1970, and then Again, with a powerful growth, it has been…
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XAU/USD (GOLD) : What’s NEXT ? $2020 or $1930 ?

By re-examining the GOLD chart in the 12-hour time frame, we see that the price, after its growth to $2007, faced correction and was able to fall to the first downward target, ie $1977 ! After that, considering that the Gold price was in the support range, it was accompanied by renewed demand pressure and…
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